Health Care in West Central Texas


Select one of the following quick links to look at Health Care Services:


Assistive Technology Equimpment
   Glasses/Contact Lenses 
   Hearing Aids 
Family Planning
   Birth Control Counseling
   Pregnancy Counseling 
   Pregnancy Testing 
Health Screening/Diagonstic Services
   Blood Pressure Screening 
   Blood Tests 
   Breast Examinations 
   Diabetes Management Clinics 
   Diabetes Screening 
   General Physical Examinations
   Hepatitis Testing 
   HIV Testing 
   Pap Tests 
   Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening 
Health Supported Services
   Blood Donor Stations 
   General Medical Equipment Provision 
   Sexual Abstinence Education Programs 
Hospitals and Clinics
   Children's Hospitals 
   City/County Hospitals 
   Community Clinics 
   General Acute Care Hospitals 
   Adolescent/Adult Immunizations 
   Childhood Immunizations 
   Flu Vaccines 
Medical Care
   Emergency Room Care 
   Emergency Dental Care 
   General Dentistry 
   General Medical Care 
   Prescription Expense Assistance 
Mother and Infant Care
   Prenatal Care 
   Gynecology Services 
Rehabilitation/Habilitation Services
   Audiological Evaluations 
   Centers for Independent Living 
   Developmental Disabilities Day Habilitation Programs 
   Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays 
   Independent Living Skills Instruction 
   Language Therapy 
   Pediatric Occupational Therapy 
   Pediatric Rehabilitation 
   Physical Therapy 
   Speech and Language Evaluations 
   Speech Therapy 
Support Groups
   Alcohol Use Disorder Support Groups
   Drug Dependency Support Groups
   Families/Friends of Individuals With an Alcohol Use Disorder Support Groups
   Families/Friends of Individuals With a Drug Use Disorder Support Groups
   General Addictions/Substance Use Disorder Support Groups
   Mental Health Related Support Groups
   Sexual/Love Addiction Support Groups
   Weight Related Support Groups
   Alcohol Use Disorder Day Treatment
   Children's/Adolescent Residential Treatment Facilities
   Comprehensive Outpatient Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment
   Comprehensive Outpatient Drug Use Disorder Treatment
   Drug Use Disorder Day Treatment
   Eating Disorders Treatment
   Inpatient Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Facilities
   Inpatient Drug Use Disorder Treatment Facilities
   Residential Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Facilities
   Residential Drug Use Disorder Treatment Facilities